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How to earn with Bitfinex Affiliate Program

How to earn with Bitfinex Affiliate Program


What is the Bitfinex Affiliate Program

The Bitfinex Affiliate Program lets you earn unlimited commissions for referring people to Bitfinex. It is a way of growing your earnings in cryptocurrency, allowing you to get a percentage of the trading and margin funding fees up to three levels within your referral network.

Also, if your referrals meet certain criteria, you will get commission multipliers!

How to earn with the Bitfinex Affiliate Program

1. Sign up: If you don’t have a Bitfinex account yet, it only takes a few minutes to create one. After logging in to your account, you will be able to obtain access to the Affiliate Dashboard and start generating referral codes. Share the referral codes across all your social networks.

2. Build: Spread the word with your fellow crypto traders or within your crypto communities. Gift them with a 6% rebate fee on their sign up at Bitfinex. Build your referral network.

3. Track: Use the Affiliate Dashboard to track your referral codes’ performance. You can also see how much you have earned and how your referrals have been doing through the dashboard. 

4. Earn: Every time your referrals trade or perform certain actions on the platform, you will receive a percentage of their trading and margin funding fees.

How to join the Bitfinex Affiliate Program

Anyone can join the Bitfinex Affiliate Program. The only request is that you have a Bitfinex account, as you would be getting your affiliate commissions directly to your account.

You can then go to your Affiliate page, where you will be able to generate referral codes and use them to introduce new members to Bitfinex. These members will, in turn, become your affiliate network.

Who is an affiliate

An affiliate is a Bitfinex user who generates referral codes on Bitfinex and shares these codes with other people, introducing new users to Bitfinex and growing an affiliate network that will help him earn affiliate commissions. 

Who is a member

member is anyone who opens a Bitfinex account using a referral code provided by an affiliate. Members are given a 6% rebate fee on their sign up and can also become affiliates by generating affiliate codes and building their own affiliate network.

How to get my Bitfinex referral codes

1. Log in to your Bitfinex account, and on the top bar menu, find More > Affiliate Program.

2. Find the Generate new code button, and you will be able to enter a label for your code to better track your referral code performances.

Note: You can also share the same codes as often as you like or create new ones depending on your sharing needs.


3. You are almost done! Now press Generate code to see your code displayed and start inviting people!

Note: You can also download a QR Code containing your code information or copy the sign-up link.

Now anyone who signs up using one of your codes will become a member of your network. The more your network grows, the more revenues you can earn!

Who is not allowed to become a Bitfinex member

You can share your codes within your social networks with as many people as you like.

However, you may not either, whether directly or indirectly, allow any of the following account types to be one of your affiliate members: 

an account owned or controlled by you or a member of your immediate family or household; an account owned or controlled by a person who is already a user of Bitfinex.

Also, any prohibited persons or persons residing in restricted jurisdictions cannot be invited.

Please refer to our Bitfinex Terms of Service and Affiliate Terms of Service.

What are my expected earnings as a Bitfinex affiliate

Bitfinex affiliates can earn up to three degrees of connection within their network through trading and margin funding activities. This means that you will not only benefit from the activities of the people that you invite to Bitfinex, but you will also receive commissions from the people that they invite!

The fees reward follows the calculation below:

1st Degree (direct) member connections — 18%  2nd Degree member connections — 6% 3rd Degree member connections — 2%


How to get commission multipliers

Commission multipliers are an additional way to get more earnings on your affiliate earnings. You and your members need only meet certain criteria to enjoy the relevant benefits, have a look below for details.


1. Verify your account

If your account is KYC verified to Basic Plus level or higher, you will get a 1.2x multiplier; If one of your members is KYC verified to Basic Plus level or higher, you will get a 1.2x multiplier that applies to the fees generated by that specific account.

2. Hold UNUS SED LEO tokens

If one of your members has an average holding of UNUS SED LEO tokens greater than 500 USDt LEO equivalent over the past 30 days, you will be eligible for an additional multiplier on his activities as follows:

500+ USDt LEO equivalent - a 1.1x multiplier  5,000+ USDt LEO equivalent - a 1.2x multiplier  50,000+ USDt LEO equivalent - a 1.5x multiplier

3. Be active on social media

You can get an additional multiplier if you or your network members share or like Bitfinex official social media posts. 

The multiplier is valid for 36 hours after the last social media interaction (such as a like or a share) and is only applicable to recent Bitfinex activities (past seven days): 

1.1x if you have more than 1,000 followers 1.2x if you have more than 10,000 followers

If members of your network also interact on social media, you can get an additional 1.1x or 1.2x (depending on their followers in the formula mentioned above) on revenues generated by their activities.

link your Bitfinex account with your social media account in order to benefit from social media activities. You can do this by logging in to your Bitfinex account and going to Account > Account Info > Connect Social Media.


Bitfinex supports social channels, including Twitter, with supported activities such as liking and sharing/retweeting.

The Developers' Reward

If you integrate Bitfinex’s APIs in your products or trading libraries, you will get a 5% rebate for each trade made through the APIs. The 5% developers’ reward is fixed and not subject to monthly reductions over time.

To benefit from the rebate, developers will need to integrate a referral code (generated from their Affiliate Dashboard) into their product or code. When a user of the respective API platform or tool sends an order through the API, the developer will receive a 5% rebate on the trade fees for that order.

To integrate your APIs with Bitfinex, please refer to our API documentation: 

When using v2 endpoints, add your affiliate code as a meta information: 

meta: { 'aff_code': 'youraffiliatecode' }

When developing instead with v1 endpoints, the affiliate code can be added directly into the main object: 

{aff_code: 'youraffiliatecode' }

The fees reward is calculated as below:

A fixed 5% rebate (it does not reduce over time);  The eligible rebate fees apply to trading activities and derivatives (at 1bps) referred to as Eligible API Fees (EAF) and exclude margin funding.

Note: The developers’ reward will run on top of the Affiliate Program, meaning if you have an active affiliation network and it’s using your trading tool, you will be rewarded with both the affiliate’s (starting at 18% for immediate connections) and the developers’ reward (5% rebate)! 

The Bitfinex Affiliate Program — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

— Will my affiliate earnings change?

The percentage of the fees you receive for each member of your network will start at 18% (6% or 2% based on its connection degree) and will reduce every second in a straight-line fashion so that by the end of each thirty days, it is reduced by 0.5%. 

— Do members get any rewards or rebates?

Yes! If you are a member, Bitfinex will credit your account with a set percentage of the trading and margin funding fees earned from your account.

The member rebate will start at 6% and will reduce every second in a straight-line fashion so that at the end of each thirty days, it is reduced by 0.5%.

— If I sign up with a referral code, what information is shared about my account?

We value your privacy. Members are displayed in the Affiliate Dashboard with only a random nickname.

For further information, please refer to our Terms of Service

— Where can I see my earnings, and how will I receive them?

You can see all your earnings in the Affiliate Dashboard and the Reports section of your account. 

You will receive your affiliate payments (or member rebates) in the same cryptocurrencies that Bitfinex collected as the applicable fees on which the payments are based, except for: 

UNUS SED LEO tokens; Any cryptocurrencies that Bitfinex determines should be converted - if you do not have an account verified to the required level or are not eligible to receive so.

If the fees were taken in fiat, UNUS SED LEO, or restricted tokens, they would be exchanged to Bitcoin (BTC) or TETHER tokens (USDt).

Note: Your affiliate payments and member rebates may be composed of several cryptocurrencies.

For further information, please refer to our Affiliate Terms of Service.

— What if there is a discrepancy in the earnings I receive?

You must notify Bitfinex of any disagreement regarding any Affiliate Payment within thirty days of receipt of the applicable Affiliate Payment.

Please feel free to contact Bitfinex Support if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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