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How Make money On Bitfinex

How Make money On Bitfinex


How to earn on Bitfinex without trading

If you don’t trade on Bitfinex exchange, you can take advantage of other features, including the Bitfinex P2P Margin Funding and the Bitfinex Affiliate Program.

Offer your funds to earn interest

To take advantage of Bitfinex without trading, you can provide your funds to other Bitfinex traders through Margin Funding and earn interest on your cryptocurrency, stablecoins or fiat holdings. If you are not a trader and prefer safer investments, Margin Funding is for you. To learn more, view our guide What is Margin Funding.

How to use Margin Funding

1. On the top navigation panel, find the “?” icon that shows the available support options;

2. Then, choose Tours & Guides;


3. After that, select Margin Funding, and learn how to earn by providing your funds to other traders.


Invite new users to Bitfinex through the Affiliate Program

You can also invite your social network through the Bitfinex Affiliate Program and earn unlimited commission. The Bitfinex Affiliate Program commission structure allows you to get a percentage of the trading and Margin Funding fees up to three levels within your referral network.

More details can be found on The Bitfinex Affiliate Program and the Affiliate page.

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out directly to Bitfinex Support. We are happy to help!

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