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Start mining with voskcoin

Start mining with voskcoin

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Start mining with voskcoin

Mining and making money with voskcoin has never been easy and fast, in this guide you will learn step by step guide on how to Start mining with voskcoin.

NB: You can choose to fund your account first before you start mining, check the article to learn how to fund your account or stick on this page to learn how to start mining with voskcoin 


Start mining with voskcoin 

1. log in to your account 

2. Click on start mining

3. Choose your mining Options 

4. Choose Cryptocurrency and Add Ammount

The amount should be the same as the mining option chosen above

The balance option allows you to start mining when you have funds on your account either from your previous earnings or by the fund account method 


How To Use Promo Code

Promo code is an added feature by voskcoin to help you earn more while you mining, voskcoin has promo codes that run on 

Vosk Newbie + 5% interest: for newly registered members, minimal mining price $50

Vosk Weekend + 10% interest: every weekend Fri-sun,  minimal mining price $3,000

Vosk Monday + 15% interest  : Only on Mondays ,  minimal mining price $5,000

Vosk Daily + + 25% interest  On a daily basis,  minimal mining price $510,000 

if you are using these promo code features you have to meet up with the minimal mining fees attached to it. for Vosk Newbie  is only used once for new  members who just joined voskcoin

NOTE: You can now withdraw your promo code bonus instantly after deposit confirmation.

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